Spock Need Not Apply

Today was a bit busy at work, and I honestly didn’t feel much like coding when the workday was done. I did code, so I could theoretically count it as one of my 100 Days of Code, but that seems like cheating – if I skip “class” this early, I’ll never make it through. I learned that lesson the hard way in college.

Today’s focus on my boot camp was random numbers and lists. As I mentioned yesterday, other than learning the python syntax for this stuff, there’s nothing new in this course so far. Today’s final project was Rock Paper Scissors. I thought about extending it to Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock, but generating the ascii art is a little out of my wheelhouse, so I opted to stick with the standard game.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tackle at least two “Days” of the course – Python Loops and Functions.

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